Three Days to Visibility

You know that thing you've been meaning to do forever and it just never makes it to the top of your pile?

The action that'll get the word out about your business to more people? 

We can help you get it off your to-do list and onto your done list! 

We'll help you clear out your internal resistance, build momentum, and start taking action in just three days.

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Let's get you taking significant visibility action this week!

It's time to overcome those internal hurdles

Three Days to Visibility is for you if you've been putting off doing the one thing that'll grow your reach.

That might be promoting your opt-in, setting up those ads, sending out those pitch emails, responding to that interview request, hitting publish on that blog post, going live on video. 

You know it's the next right step but you're just not doing it.

Sure, you've been busy, but a whole lot of other tasks have magically made it to the top of your priority list. Why not this one? 

Let's find out. 

Christina, Australia

I loved the specificity around how to clear visibility related blocks (as opposed to other types of blocks). Also, it wasn’t hype-y. I love Samantha’s calm, methodical and genuine approach. I really appreciated being able to clear a layer of fear and anxiety around visibility in a really calm and connected way.

Dearbhla, Ireland

Three Days to Visibility helped me to gain greater clarity on tasks. Specifically on the activities I needed to complete. I was able to recognise where I was avoiding taking action in my business and it gave me the right kind of inspiration/motivation/push to complete tasks I'd been putting off.

Register here to join Three Days to Visibility

Let's get you taking significant visibility action this week!

Take three days to clear the path to visibility

Clear the path and take the next action to become more visible to the people you're trying to reach. 

Day 1: Clear out

On day 1 you'll clear any inner resistance. 

Day 2: Change the habit

On day 2 you'll change a habit.

Day 3: Take action

On day 3 you'll take action with ease and joy!

Three Days to Visibility is a three day coaching experience delivered via...

A private podcast feed with accompanying workbook + an opportunity to meet for a live visibility Q&A and block clearing session to personalise your experience.

Let's get that action off your to do list and onto your done list!

When you clear your visibility blocks first, it's so much easier to take action to increase your influence and reach.

Brought to you by The School of Visibility®.

We support women and femme to overcome their visibility blocks so they can promote their work and get comfortable with being seen and heard by more people.