Imagine what would be possible if you felt less self-conscious and were far more consistent with your visibility efforts.


Calling all women who want to change people's lives and make a positive difference in the world.

It's time for you to be more visible.

If you are a... 

And you want to expand your reachconnect with the people whose lives you're here to change, and maybe even introduce original ideas and/or new ways of doing business into your industry...


Welcome! You're in the right place.

It's really hard to build a successful business when not enough people know about you or your work. 


You’re constantly having to reinvent yourself to sell another product or program to your small but loyal audience.


Or you're so busy working for the business that you never have any time to work on it. 

To resolve these problems you may have found yourself pursuing one (or more!) of these options:

Fortunately, there's an alternative. 

When you overcome your visibility blocks and get clear on why you're showing up and what you want to say, you'll:

  • save years of time,

  • save loads of unnecessary expense, and

  • be well on your way to achieving the impact you know you're here to make.

Introducing Women Speaking Up!


Women Speaking Up™ is a hands-on group coaching, leadership development and visibility mentoring program. 

Designed for women (cis and trans + genderqueer, intersex and non-binary people) who want to feel more confident about speaking up and being consistently visible in the world.

Women Speaking Up (WSU) will support you to: 

  1. KNOW THE ACTION you need to take to expand your reach and create more impact in the world,

  2. HEAL OLD WOUNDS that are holding you back,

  3. GROW YOUR LEADERSHIP CAPACITY as you build your business, and

  4. Become the person you need to be, to MOVE POWERFULLY THROUGH THE WORLD, comfortable with being known for your wisdom and expertise. 

Inside Women Speaking Up you'll learn to:

Kate Thomson (Katy Haye), Author, United Kingdom

I'm gaining so many insights into myself/my beliefs through this program. The podcast show is excellent as a prompt for journalling and the block clearing classes have been so insightful. 

I find I'm more easily able to access my feelings and feel them without judging/intellectualising. They've also helped me to uncover a core belief I've been carrying around that no one wants to hear what I have to say. I had no idea it was there! No wonder I found it difficult to build my audience in the past.

Martina Gobec, Thought Wardrobe, Denmark

Having a time in my calendar to work on visibility issues each week is immensely valuable to me.

Understanding the stages of visibility helps me to know what to focus on. I love having a clear visibility strategy and understanding the blocks and where they come from.

Best of all, I have been showing up consistently in front of my community since I started the program! 


During your time with us you'll take the following action:

What's included in Women Speaking Up?

  • Visibility strategy and business development programs valued at $2,499
  • Leadership development programs valued at $2,499
  • Visibility block clearing classes, tools, challenges, worksheets, and checklists valued at $999
  • A year's worth of live workshop events valued at $5,999
  • Twelve months' access to exclusive podcast show and private community valued at $499. 

Total value of the program: $12,495

YOU PAY JUST $1,999*, saving you $10,496. 

*Payment plans of $175 per month for 12 months are also available.

Join us here (payment plan)
Join us here (pay in full)


Your life experience has gifted you with years of acquired wisdom and knowledge.

And you've turned the challenges you've faced into embodied wisdom. 


But here's a secret that most people don't know; acquiring wisdom is just the first step. Allowing yourself TO BE SEEN FOR IT is another thing altogether. 

To do that WITH EASE AND GRACE, you have to overcome your visibility fears and blocks. You have to release the internal limitations that stop you from being your most powerful self.

And you need to develop an understanding of how to SEE VISIBILITY BLOCKS and how to clear them

Tamara, Lync Haven Rainforest Retreat, Australia

Studying Women Speaking Up has helped me to speak up differently at work. I've started speaking from the heart and found myself getting a much better reception from the people I'm speaking to.

I've also found that the different tools shared in the program to be so handy. I'm able to choose the right tool for the right circumstance to help me immediately resolve the issue I'm facing.

Ultimately working with Samantha has helped me to fine-tune where I want to go and what my ultimate goal is.

Isiah, Couples Therapist, Australia 

Okay wow. Something major has opened up since starting to do visibility work.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve had an article accepted to Mamamia and they’ve asked to republish one of my blog posts.

I’m also going to be on Talking Lifestyle Radio, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane today AND was invited to be on TODAY EXTRA. Holy Moly. 

Zoe, B'Opera, United Kingdom

Working on visibility issues has opened the floodgates for me, helping me to see so many blocks, while giving me tools to work with them and shift them, all in a supportive space.

I have faced some very deep seated fears. I have been able to shine a light on some dark spaces in my soul and psyche. I feel lighter and stronger as a result.

I am more effective in the world, better able to support myself and others by extension. I am less a prisoner of old events and stuff, so much freer.

I have more money in my bank account. I feel happier and more optimistic because I know I have tools that I can take into even the most challenging situations (especially the most challenging situations!)

I'm creating change and shifts where I previously thought I was powerless

For far too long women's wisdom has been silenced or ignored.

Women Speaking Up is set to change all of that.

Perhaps you've been trying to be more visible but you haven't really been seeing great results...

Here's the thing about 5 step marketing formulas...

Their success lies in the person they became as they were developing the system, not with the system itself. 


Yes, there are strategic actions to take which will make you more visible in the world. But if you don't also do the inner work to clear out visibility fears and limitations, you'll never implement those strategies in a way that'll ensure your success. 

What's included in Women Speaking Up?

Everything you learn is designed to either: 

  • clear a visibility block so you feel less self conscious about being visible,
  • heal a wound so you can become more grounded and consistent with your visibility efforts,
  • strengthen your powerful presence so you feel less anxious or stressed and more empowered to create the changes you'd like to see in the world, or
  • clarify your priorities so you can take inspired, strategic action and see far greater momentum in your business.

Women Speaking Up includes: 

Access to the 12-month program and curriculum

The program is intentionally designed as a year-long container so you have time to work on yourself and your business. You'll have time to:

  1. develop your visibility strategy and integrate it into your business operations
  2. clear out the blocks and limitations that would otherwise see you making choices that keep you hidden or invisible (eg; fear of crowds, fear of being judged, concerns about haters and/or being cancelled, fear of exposure, imposter syndrome, self doubt, fear of success)
  3. free yourself from familial and social conditioning that has kept you small, quiet and accommodating, and
  4. learn to lead differently, untethered from unhealthy masculine practices and supported by healthy feminine ways of perceiving and engaging with the world. 

A revolutionary business and personal development program 

Women Speaking Up is unique in the way it weaves together feminist theory, personal development, and business strategy

Inside Women Speaking Up you'll learn our comprehensive visibility methodology and gain access to digital resources and live events that will support you to move through the following stages of visibility: 

  1. Seeing yourself (with a focus on healing and clarity)
  2. Stabilising your presence (with a focus on consistency)
  3. Becoming the change (with a focus on expansion)
  4. Living the legacy (with a focus on community and collaboration).

To support you with this, you'll gain access to a comprehensive collection of digital resources and a hands on and interactive schedule of live workshops

Digital support

As a Women Speaking Up student, you'll find an extensive array of digital resources for you to draw on. They include:

Digital programs

Inside the digital materials you’ll find two primary hubs: Expand Your Reach and Embody Your Message.

Within each hub there are six visibility projects to work through to stay focused on connecting with your people, growing your audience, and most importantly building visibility momentum


  • Take up space
  • Develop your visibility strategy
  • Establish your foundations
  • Change your habits
  • Spread the word
  • Grow your community


  • Know yourself
  • Release gendered conditioning
  • Uncover your message
  • Connect with your body
  • Align and expand
  • Lead differently

Each project includes a range of materials from visibility strategy and leadership development programs and courses, to block clearing classes, talking tools, challenges, worksheets, checklists and more to address the big issues associated with that project. 

When you first come into Women Speaking Up, you’ll be supported to map out your visibility path during your time with us. Once you've done so, you'll be all set to navigate your way through the digital materials, supported by the live workshops, and community campus space.

Live support

As a Women Speaking Up student, you'll also have access to a wide a range of LIVE online workshops to learn, receive mentoring, brainstorm with other students, clear blocks, and personalise your learning to your specific circumstances.  

Live calls

Inside Women Speaking Up, we work in 3 monthly or 90 day seasons.

In each season you'll have access to the following live workshops: 

  • Visibility Strategy Development
  • Implementation Block Clearing
  • Office Hours
  • Visibility Circles
  • Visibility Block Clearing, and
  • Connection Circles.

You'll have the opportunity to access a live touch point each week either via a live workshop or an office hours session. 

We also host 2 online retreats each year exclusively for WSU students. 

Because we have a global community, many workshops are convened twice in the same week to accommodate different timezones. 

Private, supportive online community

According to Harvard University Social Psychologist, Dr. David McClellan, 95% of success or failure is determined by those you habituate with the most. Imagine what you could achieve after spending a year with women who are all focused on building their businesses, sharing their knowledge, growing their authority and reach, and motivating each other to do the same! 

We know how important community is to growing your business which is why as a Women Speaking Up (WSU) student you'll gain access to a private online space; the WSU Campus which you'll have access to 24/7 (NB: the Campus is located within our membership site, not on Facebook).

We pride ourselves on the safe, supportive, and inclusive community space we facilitate.

We consciously hold space for you to connect, collaborate, brainstorm, seek advice, and share your wins

Inside the Campus, you'll be supported by our Campus Support Team plus you'll have 24/7 access to a network of heart-centred, inspiring women from around the world.  

Wondering what kinds of businesses our students have? They're:

Many run their own businesses or NGOs full-time and are wanting to take things to the next level. Some are focused on expanding their reach while others are focused on showing up differently as a leader.

Some are pivoting and want the support to work through that as that happens.

Some are moving from being an employee to building a business or movement and are focused on refining their message and building their community. 

BONUS Private podcast show

When you enrol in the program you'll also gain access to our private podcast show. The show is produced for, and available exclusively to, Women Speaking Up students.

It's a show that supports you to make the most of your time with us. It helps you to dive deeper into some of the issues raised in the live workshops and it provides you with easy access to some of the most important elements of the program that you might want to reference on a regular basis. 

Finally, it's a chance to have any of your questions answered outside of live workshops. In the show, founder, Samantha Nolan-Smith provides you with answers to your burning questions in personalised podcast episodes. 

Tomar, Soul Guidance For Your Business, USA 

The live workshops go deep. Sam holds the energy in a powerful way and by introducing healing elements, deepens the experience. There’s time to explore and for many voices to be heard. I’ve found them very affecting.

As I take more visibility risks I notice very early emotional imprints/identities coming up and potentially sabotaging me. To see these early and be able to clear them has helped me enormously. I’ve started taking massive action in my business!

Libby, Dating Coach, Australia

I didn’t really know what I needed when I signed up but I knew I was stuck.

I have had so many internal shifts since starting, I feel like I different person.

I’m much more confident to say what I think, and in a calm, gentle way. I have been standing up for myself in my personal life in a way I haven’t before.

I think this work is so important, not just for women starting businesses but for women more generally. Thank you thank you thank you!

Wendy, Woo Jnr Kids Activities, USA

When I first came across Women Speaking Up, I had truly admitted aversion to being visible in my business.

It was fine with my work being visible. I was fine with my brand being visible. I didn't want to be visible. And it was really getting to a point where it was holding me back and my company back, I think more importantly though, it was really incongruent with who I feel that I am as a person, as a business leader.

I'm an elected official, so it was very interesting how I could certainly be visible in some areas of my life and be fine with it, but not others.

I consider myself a fairly strong feminist, always have ever since I was a little girl. But Samantha's work around undoing the patriarchal mindset has been particularly mindblowing to me.

I didn't even realize how unwilling I was to sell to my community and since joining Women Speaking Up, we've launched a shop and a new product!

A lot of the work has really enabled me to find my voice as an elected politician. I've become a better parent to my daughters. I've become a better leader to my employees.

Really I'm just more comfortable. In my own skin and feeling far more in alignment with my truest self. And what's interesting is that it's not just an internal alignment. I've had so many people in my life just unprovoked say, 'Wow. We have really noticed a change in you. You're more centred and grounded and calm. And yet more outspoken as well.

I find it really fascinating that the inner work is really showing on the outside too. So I'm very, very grateful for the stuff that I have learned from Samantha and from Women Speaking Up.

What's included inside Women Speaking Up?

  • Visibility strategy and business development programs valued at $2,499
  • Leadership development programs valued at $2,499
  • Visibility block clearing classes, tools, challenges, worksheets, and checklists valued at $999
  • A year's worth of live workshop events valued at $5,999
  • Twelve months' access to exclusive podcast show and private community valued at $499. 

Total value of the program: $12,495 USD

YOU PAY JUST $1,999*, saving you $10,496. 

*Payment plans of $175 per month for 12 months are also available.

Join us here (payment plan)
Join us here (pay in full)

Who's behind all this visibility goodness?

Hi, I'm Samantha Nolan-Smith, visibility coach, feminist writer and entrepreneurI'm an introverted mum of 2 who's an HSP (highly sensitive person - it's a sensory processing thing) and empath. I've lived with PTSD for many decades and after four years incapacitated with chronic fatigue I started working online in 2008. 

During my recovery I uncovered and released many unhealthy masculine habits and values and developed an expertise in the way of the Feminine. I've since spent over a decade building an online business founded on the wisdom, practices and values of the Feminine and in finding ways to integrate that with a healthy expression of masculine practices and values. 

I founded the School of Visibility in 2016 after discovering that sooo many of my clients were excited about creating a business but terrified about anyone finding out about it.

I decided women needed a space to be encouraged to speak up, promote their work, and be more impactful in the world. 

I've been a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards, interviewed by the ABC, Sky News, The Age, Australian Yoga Journal, and Sunday Life, and I magically cracked 1 million organic views on Facebook for a piece I wrote on the patriarchal pressures placed on new mothers. 

I have a professional background in the law, as well as social justice and public policy. I also have training in English literature, philosophy, and am a yoga teacher, a Compassion Key Practitioner and a Journey Practitioner. Through this eclectic mix, I've developed a unique approach to overcoming visibility barriers which I share inside Women Speaking Up. My approach is both pragmatic and esoteric, intuitive and strategic. 

What people say about working with Samantha

Cassie, author and kinesiologist

Sam is such an incredibly generous and supportive mentor, teacher, guide. One of the biggest things that I've learned from her is that she does not put herself above you as the teacher or guide. She stands right next to you and holds your hand and guides you forward with her. Step-by-step saying, 'Let's do this together.' I have found that to be such a comfort in so many ways.

Rachel, yoga and Qigong teacher

Sam has this ability to see an issue through the eyes of a human rights lawyer, the heart of a healer, and the ear of a trusted friend.

She alchemizes strategies like a magician, with all the grace of the priestess that she is.

What people say about Samantha as a teacher and presenter

Elise, Mama Rising Gathering

Samantha's storytelling skills had everyone captivated at our Mama Rising Gathering. She has a special way of grounding the content she shares in reality and providing highly relatable examples from her lived experience. The somatic exercise she took everyone through as well as the workbook she had prepared, packed with insightful prompts, got the attendees engaged and motivated to take action.

Amy, Matrescence teacher and activist

Samantha has the unique ability to bring together very powerful and sometimes confronting research into the issues in our world right now with a sense of hope and compassion. She calls you into action in the way she presents and keeps everyone engaged. The feedback we received from our weekend event was that Samantha's presentation was the most impactful.

What makes Women Speaking Up so unique?

We facilitate deep and transformational healing and clearing. 

I bring my professional training as a yoga teacher and my training in 5 other emotional and energetic healing modalities (2 at the mastery certification level) to the work we do in Women Speaking Up.

I also bring my decade long experience of working 1:1 with clients - facilitating healing and transformation - to the program.

It's this experience and expertise that has allowed for the creation of a safe and sacred space for facilitated healing and personal transformation.

This deeper personal transformation work means that the action you take to be more visible in your business and life is effective, soul directed, and reflects your highest and best self

We offer an integrated inner and outer experience.

Instead of doing your personal development in one space and your business building in another place, we bring everything together under one roof. That way you don't have to buy a whole lot of additional programs to see the results you want to see. 

We offer genuine value.

The real-world value of the program lies northward of $10,000. Here's why; you're not just getting a group coaching and mastermind space to focus on being more visible in your business and life. You're also getting deep healing and personal transformation work and learning to lead differently.

Normally you'd pay for these things separately and each would be in the 4 and 5 figure range. 

We give you space and time.

WSU provides you with a visibility container lasting for 12 months. This provides you with the time time to soak up as much information as you wish and to come to embody the wisdom you're acquiring, in a more sustainable manner.

You have time to learn, experiment, clear and heal, integrate and embody, strategise and take inspired action without feeling like that all has to happen in a 6 or 8 week period. 

Our Visibility Methodology is one of its kind in the world. 

The Visibility Methodology™ you experience inside WSU isn't just focused on changing your mindset. That's one layer of personal transformation and while it's important, it's insufficient if you're looking for long term sustainable change. We'll support you in working with the physical, emotional and energetic layers of your being. 

We also don't just invite you to consider the blocks that may have been created in childhood. Again, these are important and there are other lenses through which to investigate these issues; societal, ancestral, and energetic. 

The level of completeness we offer through our Visibility Methodology is made possible because of my expertise in both spiritual and personal development and my professional training in legal and social justice. 

The level of completeness means you're not left wondering why you've done so much personal development work and still don't seem to be making any progress.

The more visible you are, the greater the impact you can make.

Women supporting women

When you become a Women Speaking Up student, you support other women to heal their wounds and realise their dreams too!

For every student that enrols with us, we donate funds to one of the amazing projects run by Just People's. (The founders Jo and Christey also happen to be students inside Women Speaking Up. When you enrol with us, you'll have the pleasure of meeting them and becoming part of their peer network too!) 

The projects we've supported include: 

  • trauma counselling for single mothers in Vietnam,
  • helping women in Kenya set up sewing businesses,
  • supporting women in STEM in Bangladesh,
  • providing clean water to communities in Kenya,
  • providing a workshop for 30 girls in Bangladesh to learn about periods and overcome period poverty, and
  • providing reusable sanitary pads to girls in Tanzania. 

Fiona Pitt, The Intuitive PT, Australia

Women Speaking Up is like no other course I've ever done. The sense of community and ongoing support is invaluable. Thank you Samantha for holding such a safe container for us all to gain confidence and strength raising our voices.

Kim Banks, The Savvy Micro, Canada

I really enjoy the seasonal structure of the program and the opportunity to return to segments when digesting everything. It makes the learning sustainable. 

My biggest 'aha' has been noticing when I'm putting my energy into what isn't working and knowing that I can shift that into what do I want to create or change... and then showing up to do that work instead. That was big for me. 

I also really enjoyed the connection with other women, learning how the conditioning/programming has contributed to some of our visibility blocks, and learning how to work with clearing those to make way for more. My voice has strengthened and I've stopped apologising for how I think/feel about things.

A final note...

As a woman or gender fluid person, you will have unconsciously internalised a whole lot of stories about your voice, about your entitlement to take up space, about how you ought to behave in the world to be deemed ‘acceptable’.

Plus there’ll be all the other intersecting pieces of your identity – your class, race, culture, physical and mental abilities, and sexuality – that inform how easy or difficult it is to put yourself out there time and time again, as is required if you want people to know about you.

And if your work is unique or unusual in some way, you’ll face additional visibility challenges. 

Unfortunately we don’t all live in societies that encourage difference and diversity. Most of us live in societies that impose conformity. Societies that say, ‘Stand out, but only a little bit. Don’t challenge us too much. Don’t disrupt the status quo.’

To overcome this conditioning it’s important that you surround yourself with people who are consciously unpacking all the limiting influences that would otherwise keep them quiet and invisible. 

Breaking barriers

We’re the first generation of women to step out in large numbers and run our own businesses. We’re the first generation of people to build businesses online.

We’re the first generation of women who are building a global network and woman centred economies, where women are connecting with - and selling to - one other.

Integrating spirituality or personal development into business operations has never been contemplated before.

Working flexible hours.

Working from cafes or by the beach or the lake.

ALL of this is different.

None of this is business as usual. It’s revolutionary and it’s changing the very face of society.

It’s time for women to be visible. To use our voices. To influence positive change in the world. 

Will you join us? 

Wondering whether Women Speaking Up for you?

Here's some more information to help you make the decision that's right for you.

And here are some of our FAQs

Ready to make the difference you were born to make in the world?
Join us now inside Women Speaking Up.

  • Visibility strategy and business development programs valued at $2,499
  • Leadership development programs valued at $2,499
  • Visibility block clearing classes, tools, challenges, worksheets, and checklists valued at $999
  • A year's worth of live workshop events valued at $5,999
  • Twelve months' access to exclusive podcast show and private community valued at $499. 

    Total value of the program: $12,495

    YOU PAY JUST $1,999*, saving you $10,496. 

    *Payment plans of $175 per month for 12 months are also available.

Join us here (payment plan)
Join us here (pay in full)

Ruth Bracke, Leadership Coach at Wise Women, Belgium 

The curriculum is very hands on, practical, pragmatic and I love that.

The live calls help me with integrating and putting into practice everything I’m learning in the digital courses. I’m so happy I joined the program.

Samaria, Sacred Soul Practice Psychotherapy and Coaching, USA 

When I felt more stuck than ever on my visibility journey no matter what I tried, I discovered this program and it changed so much for me. 

Samantha is an amazing heart centred coach. She has created such a beautiful safe container for you to move through blocks around visibility and speaking up. 

This is a gift you can give yourself that will change everything for the better.

Kara, Arizona, Career Coach, USA

In just a couple of months I’m finally getting past the hump of trying to figure out “what am I doing for who?”

I’m taking a lot more action, posting on social media, have had more opportunities to be on podcasts and radio shows, and have been seeing more traffic to my business!

Suzanne Frankenfeld, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Author, Germany 

I feel so empowered after our time together.

The wise teachings of Samantha, her guidance, her methods, and the support of the group have been so unbelievably supportive to me.

Imagine how many people's lives you could change for the better (including your own!) if you were far less self conscious - and far more consistent - with your visibility efforts.