The Visibility Challenge

What if promoting your work didn't have to be so stressful or time-consuming?

What if...

...instead of waiting and hoping people will find out about you and buy from you, you felt comfortable with making visibility a priority in your business?

What if...

...instead of getting very busy with work that will keep you hidden, you had the clarity and confidence to implement the most appropriate and impactful way to be visible in your business?

What if... could wake up each day with more people on your email list, more people engaged with you on social media posts, and more people telling others about your work?

All of this is IMPOSSIBLE with visibility blocks.

I am in a phase of moving my dance work to a new level... and the Visibility Challenge came just the right moment.

I found the Challenge totally perfect and beyond my expectations.

The inner/outer approach is the only way I can go in building up my work. I really like the clarity in the way you present this combination.

- Katerina, Czech Republic, Movement Medicine

If you're going to become a successful business owner, it's essential that you uncover and clear out your visibility blocks.

The Visibility Challenge is a short course designed to help you overcome your resistance to being seen and heard in the world.

That way you'll be able to expand your reach, build the business and life of your dreams, and change the world for good.

Women have so much wisdom to share with the world. Collectively we have incredible knowledge, expertise, and lived experiences to share with the world.

Expertise about wellbeing, health, nutrition, spirituality, birthing practices, embodiment, motherhood, body wisdom, intuition and the divine feminine, building communities, consciously creating businesses and lives that defy the norm.

We're passionate about creating positive change in the world and redefining our relationship with ourselves, with one another, with the earth, with money, with our families, and with power.

And yet, too many women entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, healers, teachers, therapists, and social justice warriors are not speaking up or sharing their work with enough people.

Perhaps you:

  • tell yourself you'll focus on marketing tomorrow but then never actually do it, or

  • experience a visibility hangover each time you reach out to more people (hello shame, embarrassment, and/or acute feelings of humiliation), or

  • feel frustrated with yourself because you feel ready to be seen by more people but keep getting weighed down by everything else there is to focus on, or

  • are feeling so overwhelmed with everything that you've no idea where to start, or

  • have convinced yourself that somehow your business or career will grow without you having to promote it.

This is all symptomatic of one thing; visibility blocks.

If you want to have the influence and create the change you were born to make on the planet, understanding visibility blocks will save you time, frustration and money. 

When you understand what they are, how they're impacting on your capacity to put your work out into the world, and what to do about them, you'll have all the tools you need to liberate yourself from the inner ties that bind.

That's what the Visibility Challenge is all about;

  1. learning to identify visibility blocks (and how they're negatively impacting on your business or career), and

  2. accessing tools and resources to help you clear them out.

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"After initial resistance, I realised I was being gently and lovingly coaxed out of my comfort zone and I yielded. Thank you for creating such an amazing space for support, expression and connection. You've helped me realise that there are lovely women out there who do want the best for each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Vanda, Australia, Amethyst Rose

The Visibility Challenge is a 4-day short course delivered via a membership site with audio recordings, worksheets, and clearing exercises.

You'll identify and clear out the FOUR KEY LIMITING BELIEFS stopping you from expanding your reach and having more impact in the world.

In addition, you'll receive TWO BONUS CLEARING EXERCISES:

1. It's safe to be seen to succeed, and

2. It's safe to speak up.

After working through the short course and exercises you'll find yourself taking more effective action to expand your reach.

You'll be clearer in yourself about what you need to do AND you'll actually be doing it.

You'll also find you're more comfortable sharing your opinion or ideas without feeling anxious, stressed, or nervous about what other people might think or how they might respond.

When you start seeing how specific beliefs are holding you back from being more visibility in your business and life...

When you realise how easy it can be to release those old stories...

You'll wonder why you didn't take action much, much sooner.  

Wondering who's behind The Visibility Challenge?

That would be me - Samantha Nolan-Smith. I'm the CEO and founder of The School of Visibility (an online school that supports women to be seen and heard in the world).

I work with women to overcome their visibility blocks so they feel comfortable speaking up, sharing their wisdom, and creating positive change in the world.

You don't have to fumble over your words, feel terrified to speak in front of crowds, or spend hours worrying if people really 'get' what you're saying.

You can be comfortable sharing your opinion, promoting your work, and growing the community of people who know about you.

You just have to take some time clearing out the blocks that stand in your way.


Gain immediate access for $29

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"The Visibility Challenge has come at a great time. I've just left my office job and have been looking into what it takes to start an online business. The content is excellent. I didn't realise how essential the inner work was."

- Lisa, Australia