The world needs to hear from a more diverse range of voices.
It needs you to step forward, speak up, and share your wisdom and your work.


If your work is women-centric, it's critical that you not only:

  • clear any internal blocks to being seen and heard,

    but also

  • that you clear the patriarchal conditioning that could otherwise see you unconsciously disempowering other women. 

Welcome to Smash the Patriarchal Mindset

Smash the Patriarchal Mindset is a short course for coaches, creatives, freelancers, wellbeing professionals, and social justice warriors whose work is women-centric. 

If you:

  • want to be sure your work doesn't perpetuate old patriarchal ways of thinking and being,  

  • want to get your work out into the world but feel held back and aren't sure why,

then Smash the Patriarchal Mindset is for you.

Let me introduce you to visibility blocks

Visibility blocks look like fears about...

  • speaking up,
  • being criticised for not knowing enough,
  • not being educated enough, 
  • being judged for being too successful, or
  • being too different, and/or too much.

Visibility blocks stop you from:

  • building your business,
  • writing your book,
  • making money as an artist,
  • pursuing your dream speaking gig, or
  • advocating for your favourite cause.

The thing is... 

Visibility blocks that women come up against didn't arise from nowhere.

We've all inherited a patriarchal mindset designed to minimise women's voices, experiences, and stories.

And that mindset affects how comfortable you are with taking up space, sharing an opinion (without shrinking for fear of being labelled too 'loud' or 'opinionated'), or how confident you feel about advertising, marketing, and selling. 



It also affects the way you show up in your business, whether you push to get things done, how you interact with other women, and whether your community supports one another or pulls one another apart. 



Which is why clearing your visibility blocks and freeing yourself from patriarchal conditioning is critical to a healthy, sustainable, and successful women-centric business. 

To break down the patriarchal mindset and live truly free in this world...

To say what you're here to say and show up in the way that feels most natural to you... have to work

from the inside, out.

Because dismantling the patriarchy is as much of an inside job as it is an external one.

"This has really made me think about how I hold myself back in my coaching business. I must have cleared a few layers of stuff this week.

I just surprised myself by posting about what I do on my fb biz page and also on my personal fb page! WOW! I'm shocked at myself. I've definitely cleared some visibility blocks."

- Mary, London, UK

Smash the Patriarchal Mindset is a short course you can take over 4 days.

You'll work through three key areas in which the patriarchal mindset is affecting your willingness and capacity to speak up and be seen and heard in the world.

And you'll explore how that's affecting the operation of your business. 

The three key areas are: 

  • The way you engage with other people (including how comfortable you are with setting boundaries, whether you suppress your own desires or consider other people's needs before your own, and/or unconsciously wait for permission before presuming to behave as a leader in your industry).
  • The way you relate to money (including how comfortable you are receiving it, charging for your services, and/or raising your prices).
  • The way you take up space (including the type of branding you choose for your business, how confident you are in expressing your opinions online, in meetings, or on a stage, and/or how comfortable you are with having people see you promoting your work regularly in multiple spaces).

The course ends on day 4 with a deep healing and block clearing exercise to help liberate you from a system designed to keep you playing small and insignificant.

Which means you'll feel more confident to step forward and make a significant contribution to your industry. Possibly sharing controversial opinions or challenging the status quo.

Get immediate access for $39

"There's a lovely synergy between your voice recordings, your written examples and the use of the workbook and visibility clearing practices. They all combined together to help safely draw attention to my inner knowledge.

You've created a lovely safe space with really positive encouraging feedback. Much gratitude for the experience."

- Trudy, Kingscliff, Australia

Plus you'll receive a bonus visibility exercise:

Releasing the People Pleaser

This guided visualisation will help you identify and release the fears and stories that drive people-pleasing behaviour.

Once they're released you'll be able to connect more easily with your own needs and desires, and express them without shame, guilt, or embarrassment.

And you'll be able to model that for the community of women you're building (which, in turn, gives them permission to live free in their own lives). 

Smash the Patriarchal Mindset is delivered via a membership site with audio recordings, worksheets, and clearing exercises to help you dig out patriarchal beliefs and stories that are holding you back.

Get immediate access for $39

You deserve to be seen and heard

It's time to be more visible.

To share your opinions with confidence.

To release internal blocks so you can build your business, write your story, pursue your dream speaking gig, or advocate for your favourite cause.

When you can release the stories that have been repeated to women and girls for thousands of years:

  • you're not enough
  • you're not worthy
  • your voice is shrill
  • you don't belong
  • you're less intelligent
  • your opinion is irrelevant
  • you can't be trusted with money
  • power is not for you,

then you'll be able to eliminate imposter syndrome forever.

You'll engage differently with your community, creating an environment of collaboration rather than competition.

You'll never again experience that feeling of dread you get when someone encourages you to do more live stream videos or pitch yourself to your favourite influencer.

You'll stop feeling uncomfortable about promoting your work and asking for the sale. 

Most importantly, you'll be ready to embody a wisdom that's been hidden for thousands of years.

The wisdom of the Feminine.

You'll be able to access that wisdom - wisdom that lives within you but which has been buried and burned and stoned into submission - and you won't be afraid to share it.

Wondering who's behind Smash the Patriarchal Mindset?

That would be me - Samantha Nolan-Smith. I'm the CEO and founder of The School of Visibility (an online school that supports women to be seen and heard in the world).

I work with women to overcome their visibility blocks so they feel comfortable speaking up, sharing their wisdom, and creating positive change in the world.

I believe you were born to be heard. I believe your voice matters.

I believe you have something valuable to say and that the world will be a better place when women become visible on their own terms. 

Gain immediate access for $39

Frequently Asked Questions

"Sam and her team live their beliefs and commitment to providing the best service with personal awareness, humour, fluidity and focus to create a new paradigm, empowering women to deliver our inspirations to the world.

I think Sam is a miracle worker, pioneer in her field and it's a blessing to have access to her support and intelligent inquiry."

- Diana, New Zealand